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First and foremost, welcome to The Twin Source! It is truly an honor to have you exploring our community. It is our hope that you will come back often and play an active role in growing the site.

The Twin Source was created as a direct result of Twin Mom Carrie Carroll’s frustration with finding a dedicated, well-designed resource for women who are pregnant with twins and for new parents of twins. Obviously, twin pregnancy and twin parenting are innately different from carrying and parenting one child: Your pregnancy is high-risk, you bring home two babies instead of one, and those two infants have two very distinct personalities that you must parent every single day from the get-go.

How on earth will you do it?

To be honest, we are still trying to figure it out ourselves! It must be said that The Twin Source was not created as a “be all, end all” strictly enforced way to raise and parent twins. Rather, it is a celebration of twin parenting and sincerely recognizes that every twin mom and dad is different and will and should parent in his or her own unique way.

We believe the best advice comes from the people who have done this before. During her pregnancy, Twin Mom Carrie sought out advice from other twin moms, many of whom are contributors here at The Twin Source. Their expertise and opinions comforted her and helped focus and sharpen her view of how she wanted to nurture and raise her own twins.

The Twin Source is meant to pull back the curtain on raising twins and give you points of guidance so that you can shape your own journey into twin parenthood.

Welcome, and enjoy!

Who We Are

Carrie Carroll
Founder & Twin Mom

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Erin Binney

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Contributing Twin Moms

Each one of our Twin Moms is unique. We hope you will identify and follow the journey of the Twin Mom that suits you most, or that you will pick pieces from each Twin Mom’s experience that are valuable to you. If you would like to contact one of the Twin Moms simply send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

A no-nonsense mother of three with a high-powered career

A breast-feeding guru and stay-at-home mom who savors every day with her children

An easygoing madre raising her twin girls to be bilingual

A style-conscious mother of four who is determined to keep things fun

Consumer Research Team

Jessica, Research
Jessica is a mommy of three. She has a degree in fashion and the equivalent in childproofing a cool modern lifestyle.

Melanie, Research
Melanie is an honest-to-goodness California mommy. Residing in Malibu, she is ever-conscious of maintaining a healthy lifestyle for herself and her family.

Special Contributors

Chickie Sprenkle, RN
Chickie is a pediatric nurse with nearly 30 years of experience ranging from obstetrics to post-partum. She is a first-time grandmother to the most special twins on the planet.

Andy Carroll, Webmaster
Andy is father to twins Drew and Celeste. In his “spare” time, he is a rabid college football fan, a computer nerd, and the owner of a beloved pug named Ruby.

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