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Written by The Twin Source


We asked our amazing Twin Source contributors to share what would make their Mother's Day absolutely fabulous. The responses reflect these amazing mothers' unique personalities and also, we believe, the "every woman" in us all.

We hope you have an extra special Mother's Day, and we want to thank all of you amazing moms for being a part of The Twin Source's growing community!


Twin Mom Ashley: Coffee and breakfast in bed with the hubby and kids, a nice workout and massage, a game of tennis, and time with the family (including my mom and dad) for a fun Mexican dinner with lots of margaritas. Ahhh ... perfection!

Twin Mom Mari: Relaxing and playing with my girls without being stressed about chores, what the twins are going to eat, and especially that they behave and do all I ask them to do. Pretty impossible, but that's why it's a dream Mother's Day!

Researcher and Fashionista Jessica: A night at The Virginia in Cape May—cocktails on the porch, dinner at The Lobster House. No children. Husband optional.

Twin Mom Lauren: My husband and children pampering me all day, taking me to brunch where everyone is on their best behavior the entire time, and all the laundry getting washed, folded, and put away. Let's get real. I have twin 3-year-olds and a newborn. Someone needs something from me at all times, every day! What I would really like is a night in a hotel with a really comfy bed ... alone. I would read magazines and watch all the movies that came out in the last three years that I still haven't seen.

Twin Mom Carrie: I might actually be living my best Mother's Day weekend this year! On Saturday, we are Marching for Babies with my mom and the twins, showing our gratitude and hopefully teaching them a sense of service in some small way. On Sunday, I am hoping to sleep in a bit, go to a yoga class, and then have family dinner with one of my best friends and her adorable family. My very close second dream Mother's Day scenario? A night at the Ritz! Duh.

Researcher and Malibu Mom Melanie: Now that I'm a mom, I always take a moment to think about the sacrifices my mom made for me. I usually call her, send her flowers, and remind her just how much I love her. I do the same for my mother-in-law, who I love like my own mother. I also like to enjoy the day with my amazing family, pinch myself, and remind myself how blessed I am. Lots of hugs and kisses and a family walk make for a perfect day!

How will you enjoy your Mother's Day? Share with us in the comments area below!

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