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Written by The Twin Source

If you are carrying twins, The Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome Foundation recommends that you ask your doctor the following questions to determine whether the babies are identical and whether there are any indications of twin to twin transfusion syndrome. For explanations of the answers you receive, please visit the foundation's website at www.tttsfoundation.org/questions_explained.php.

Confirm at First Ultrasound (Hopefully by 12 Weeks)

1. Is the placenta monochorionic?

2. Are the babies the same sex?

3. Can you see the dividing membrane?

4. Is the placenta anterior or posterior?

5. Do the cords have 3 vessels or 2?

6. Are the cords fully attached to the placenta?

For Identical Twin Pregnancies, Ask at Weekly Ultrasounds
(Starting at Week 16 to Delivery)

7. What is the largest vertical pocket of fluid for each baby?

8. Can you see the bladder of the donor baby?

9. What are the weights of the babies in grams (every 2-3 weeks)?

10. Are the dopplers normal for both babies?

11. Is the heart of the recipient baby enlarged or thickened?

12. Does the recipient baby have hydrops?

13. What is the measurement of your cervix—is it long and closed or thinning or dilated?

14. Is the smaller baby growing at the same rate?

15. What is the fundal height?


NOTE: The information contained on The Twin Source is not intended for medical diagnosis. Any medical information found on this site should be discussed with your health care professional. Always consult your doctor for any medical advice.


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