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How to Rock Maternity Clothes

Written by Jessica

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Never does the what-am-I-going-to-wear dilemma come into play more than when you are pregnant. Your body is changing before your very eyes in ways you didn’t think possible. Things that used to look good—or should look good, or would have looked good—now don’t. Maternity retail shops are overwhelming and underwhelming at the same time. And for a lot of us, the sticker shock we suffer as we shop for this mandatory yet temporary clothing throws our omnipresent nausea into overdrive.

Maternity clothes have taken a big step forward in style and modernity over the past decade. A lot of it started with designer Liz Lange and her approach to making maternity clothes look like regular clothes. However, even now, with endless resources for moms-to-be, maternity wear can still be mystifying. And sorry, Liz, but your line for Target leaves a lot to be desired with its ill-fitting sizing and general un-cuteness. Even celebrities with limitless budgets fall prey to bad maternity wear choices.

But there is hope! You are not doomed to 10 months of paneled slacks and printed empire-waste tops. Here are some tips to keep looking great during your pregnancy without investing your unborn babies’ college fund in maternity clothing:



Jessica is a mommy of three. She has a degree in fashion and the equivalent in childproofing a cool modern lifestyle.


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