Twin Outings

Twin Outings

For many new parents, the thought of taking infant and even toddler twins on any sort of public outing can be summed up in one word: overwhelming.

There are so many logistics to consider when rearing multiples. When you have to take into account two little people who require feeding and changing and specific levels of comforts, even the idea of going on a simple play date could be enough to make a parent steer clear of being social!

We are here to tell you—loud and clear—that you can do it! Get out, have fun, and enjoy it. Nothing makes the days more enjoyable than a family adventure, be it a quick outing for breakfast or a picnic in your favorite park. You will cherish the experience, be proud that you did it, and gain confidence for your family's next adventure.

This area is dedicated to family outings. It includes everything from simple ideas for being more efficient on your way out the door to tips on getting through the always-frightening prospect of air travel with infant twins.

Happy trails to you!

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